The other side of the border is also preparing for the implementation of Arizona’s new immigration law, which could lead to a surge of deportees back to Mexico.

Migrant shelters along the border in Mexico say they’re bracing for new arrivals after the law goes into effect Thursday.

Mexico’s government has added more workers to its consulate in Phoenix to assist detained Mexicans. Migrants who have been deported say they’re watching to see how the law is enforced before deciding whether to try again to cross the border illegally into Arizona.

“On the plane, everybody was talking about the law,” said Ernesto González, a deportee who arrived here last week on a U.S. government flight from Tucson. “Everybody knows it’s coming.”…

…”All of us are getting ready for people to come back,” Arvizu said.

The Mexican Foreign Ministry declined to comment on preparations for the law. But El Universal newspaper reported that the consulate in Phoenix increased its consular-protection staff from eight to 11 and is distributing pamphlets to inform Mexicans about the law.

Across Mexico, radio talk shows, blogs and the news media have turned Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer into a household name.

On Friday, a morning show on Televisa aired a comedy skit in which an actor dressed as the Republican governor rampages through Mexico City with a stun gun, zapping people.

Source: Chris Hawley for USA Today.

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The other side of the border is also preparing for the implementation of Arizona's…