The U.S. government needs to do “much more” to prevent the smuggling of high-powered weapons into Mexico, a senior Mexican official said Thursday.

Authorities south of the border have confiscated roughly 100,000 illegal guns in the last four years, according to the secretary of Mexico’s National Security Council, Alejandro Poire.

Yet Washington’s efforts against gun-smuggling have netted fewer than 10,000 weapons seized, Poire told MVS radio, citing figures from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Many of the assault rifles and other semi-automatic weapons in the arsenals of Mexican drug cartels were purchased from gunshops in Texas, Arizona and New Mexico.

Conflict among rival cartels and between criminals and the security forces has claimed some 35,000 lives in Mexico since December 2006.

While the U.S. Constitution’s 2nd Amendment gives Americans the right to own guns for personal protection, the United States also limits the export of firearms to countries with more restrictive gun laws, Poire said Thursday.

People in the United States need to be aware that those “guns are not being used exclusively for the protection of U.S. citizens, but for smuggling that is extremely harmful on our side of the border,” he said.

Poire’s comments came hours before Mexican Foreign Secretary Patricia Espinosa was due to answer questions from lawmakers here regarding what their government knew about “Operation Fast and Furious,” a U.S. law enforcement gambit that purportedly allowed thousands of firearms to be smuggled into Mexico.

Source: Fox News

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