There are knives, there are swords, and then there’s Michael Cthulhu’s incredible creations.

While perhaps lacking on the “tactical” aspect of weaponry, there’s absolutely no doubting the cool factor surrounding Cthulhu’s giant swords and axes.

Based out of West Tisbury, Mass., Cthulhu tags himself as a “maker of things — mostly sharp pointy metal things.” That’s an understatement.

Cthulhu has become a YouTube sensation, with his videos demonstrating the long process that goes into creating his swords, along with test videos that show the steel slicing through various objects — namely, a lot of watermelons.

Here are some things you should know about Cthulhu, according to his Facebook page:

  • Are you a blacksmith or a welder? Welder
  • How can I commission a sword from you? Send a message via Facebook or an email to the email address which is listed on the Facebook page.
  • How do you price your swords? The level of detail and labor involved is what determines the price of the swords.
  • What was your occupation before building swords? Regular welder (bridges, warehouses, etc).
  • Do you make any traditional swords or katanas? No, commissions are only accepted if they are unusual or fantasy based. Swords with crystalline blades or floating parts are also rejected due to their impossibility.
  • What type of steel do you use? Hardox 450.
  • What is your starting price and build time? The starting price is generally $2,000, but there is no upper limit depending on complexity. It usually takes one to two months to finish a sword depending on its design and complexity level.
  • What is the biggest sword you have ever made? Masamune was 8’5” Darius’ Axe was 106 pounds.
  • What was the most complicated sword you ever made? Lightning’s Gunblade from Final Fantasy XIII, it had more than 100 parts.

Want to know more and see the swords and axes in action? Be sure to check out the rest of Michael Cthulhu’s videos on his YouTube Page.

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