Various members of Michigan law enforcement participated in a series of safety drills at a local high school.

Officers with the Ionia County Sheriff’s Office, Ionia Department of Public Safety, the Belding Police Department, Portland Police Department and Michigan State Police went to Saranac Junior and Senior High School Thursday and Friday to take part in Active Violence Incident training, which involved criminal justice students with the Heartlands Institute of Technology.

LEOs participated in a number of different scenarios to prepare for real-life situations.

“The patrol officers work together in tactical response. Since we live in a rural area, we need to be able to come together to create a strong response, and practice, in case something were to happen,” said Jack Pieters of the Ionia County Sheriff’s Office.

“We shoot at each other to up the real world feel. This helps us prepare, and also shows us where training needs to be improved. Overall, these trainings benefit everybody,” said Pieters.

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