A shocking video of a near fatal law enforcement accident is going viral. The video shows a Midland County Sheriff’s Office Deputy nearly killed when a train smashes into his squad car. The train knocks the vehicle completely over, causing it to roll near the tracks.

“According to Sheriff Gary Painter, two deputies in separate vehicles were responding to a call of a baby in distress on Tuesday, May 21. The deputies were driving with lights and sirens on and were going through red lights when they were stopped by a slow moving train,” reported

But this railroad crossing contains two parallel tracks. And just as the final cars of one slow-moving train finally passed through the crossing, another speeding train came, unseen, from the opposite direction.

But remember, these officers are responding to an infant in trouble. So they’re anxious to get through this crossing and get to the scene. So the lead squad car eases up into the crossing, and the second the final car passes, he accelerates onto the tracks.

Midland Sheriff’s Deputies Struck By Train

Footage shows the first train go by, then the deputy begins easing his vehicle into the railroad crossing. But just as he clears the first track, the oncoming train smashed into the squad car. The force drives the vehicle, flipping and rolling it off the tracks.

The videographer exclaims “Oh my god” several times as the train smashes the squad car. Indeed, the scene looked potentially fatal for the officers. But these cops ended up lucky after all, as was the infant.

“The deputy in the flipped vehicle was taken out of the car through the window. He was transported to a local hospital with minor injuries, including bruising throughout his body. Other emergency responders were able to reach the infant who has been taken to the emergency room, according to Midland County Sheriff Gary Painter,” as reported by

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