An investigation cleared Mike Mosher in his May 3 fatal shooting.

For many in the competitive shooting world, this video hits home. For police officers, of course, it hits even closer to home. Overland Park’s Mike Mosher — husband to Corinne, a father, and a staple at competitive shooting matches — was killed in the line of duty during a fatal shooting on May 3. Just-released footage shows Mosher was justified in the fatal incident that killed him and one suspect.

Mike Mosher Fatal Shooting Shines Light on What Officers Face

“We have reviewed this case in its entirety, and based on our review of all the facts in this case and applying Kansas law, we find that Office Mosher was justified in using deadly force in this incident,” said Johnson County District Attonrey Steve Howe in a press briefing Thursday afternoon, according to

The incident began when Mosher, driving into work, stopped and confronted 38-year-old Phillip Carney. Mosher pulled his cell phone out to film the interaction. Suspected of hit-and-run, Carney refuses to comply to Mosher’s commands.

“I don’t know why you stopped and got out of your car and came back to me,” Mosher said.

“You’ll figure it out,” Carney says cryptically. He then eases his right hand around his right hip and pulls a handgun. You see Mosher’s hand go up to grab the assailant’s pistol. The phone drops, and we’re left with just the sounds.

“Pop, pop … pop, pop … pop.” A good cop murdered in cold blood.

Some of us around Tactical Life knew Mosher personally. Mosher leaves behind a daughter and a wife, Corinne Mosher. Many within the firearms industry know of Corinne. A firearms trainer and pistol and 3-gun competitor, Corinne has become a notable spokesman for several industry companies. Over the years, many saw the entire family at shooting events across the country.

We take no joy in sharing this video. But it needs to be seen. While protesters and communities across the country turn on law enforcement, Mike provides a look at the other side of the story. The suspect ambushed Mike, plain and simple. In this case, a good man, a good cop, went out on his shield. He went out protecting his community. And we are all diminished.

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