Military Electronic Warfare Experts Discuss Skynet
Military Electronic Warfare Experts Discuss Skynet

Despite the negative stigma of a potential “Skynet” system, people need to dismiss their fears and remember that computing power, coupled with automation and rules-based decision-making, has saved many lives and is likely to save many more than any runaway robot ever will kill.

That was the general consensus of a group of experts here at the annual meeting of the military’s electronic warfare experts discussing the provocatively titled subject: Can “Skynet” and “the Borg” Solve EW and Cyber Challenges?

“There are going to be so many instances of robotics saving lives,” said panelist Harry Wingo, former counsel to Google and to the Senate Commerce Committee. Offering the example of the combination of robotic defibrillators, a passerby who witnessed what looks like a heart attack could open an emergency app and hail a defibrillator which would respond more quickly and efficiently than would an emergency medical technician.


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