#MyVeteran 2014
Military Times Begins Annual #MyVeteran Campaign

With Veterans Day right around the corner, Military Times has started its #MyVeteran campaign once again.

The now annual campaign, which started last year, allows readers to honor veterans of their choosing by using the hashtag #MyVeteran on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

According to Military Times:

Whether you’re a veteran yourself looking to honor a battle buddy or fallen friend, a spouse or family member searching for a special way to spotlight that most special veteran in your life, or a civilian who just wants to say thank you to a friend who served, we hope you’ll join in by posting photos or just some thoughtful words along with the #MyVeteran hashtag.

… This year, we want to make it even bigger with all-out 11-day blitz. Beginning now, post your photos and/or words tagged with #MyVeteran to Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

Military Times will highlight some of its favorite posts throughout the campaign.

For more information on #MyVeteran and other great military news, please visit MilitaryTimes.com/myveteran.

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