A Milwaukee officer shot and injured a suspect who pointed a purple pistol at the chasing officer. Recently released officer body cam images shows the chase and shooting, with the suspect now facing multiple charges.

Milwaukee Officer Responds

Footage shows the suspect, 29-year-old Jamel Barnes, ignore officer commands to stop. He then allegedly pointed a purple pistol, recovered at the scene, at the officer. That’s when the Milwaukee officer shot the suspect several times.

Barnes now faces a charge of intentionally pointing a firearm at a law enforcement officer and use of a dangerous weapon. He also faces counts for felony bail jumping, possession of a firearm by a felon, possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance (cocaine), greater than five to 15 grams, along with use of a dangerous weapon. Finally, Barnes also faces a charge of possession of narcotic drugs, according to

The incident began when officers responded to a complaint and found an armed man in a yard, according to Footage shows an officer yell “Drop the gun,” several times. The suspect ignored the commands and began to flee. Footage shows Barnes appear to point a pistol in the officers’ direction. That’s when an officer fired at least four gun shots in total, dropping the suspect. Footage also shows the purple semi-automatic pistol found at the scene.

Officials transported Barnes to an area hospital for treatment. There, the suspect acted “belligerent, uncooperative, and demanding water from the staff,” according to

Milwaukee police said they found a spent casing at the scene. It later matched the pistol found lying next to the suspect, according to Along with the gun, Barnes held $1,248, 6.26 grams of cocaine base and .75 grams of fentanyl at the time of his arrest.

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