Minnesota State Patrol
Minnesota State Patrol

A report from State Auditor Rebecca Otto shows that Minnesota law enforcement agencies brought in nearly $7 million worth of criminal forfeitures in 2013.

According to the report, “gross sales of forfeited property or seized cash totaled $8,777,183.” After administrative expenses and lien holder obligations, the final tally of net proceeds for 2013 totaled $6,925,472.

A total of 314 law enforcement agencies across the state reported 6,955 criminal forfeiture incidents in 2013, compared with 310 agencies reporting 6,851 incidents in 2013.

Of the total incidents reported in 2013, 14.5 percent came from the Minnesota State Patrol (1,007).

In 2013, vehicles accounted for 58 percent (54 percent in 2012) of property seized, followed by cash at 28 percent (33 percent in 2012), firearms at 13 percent (11 percent in 2012), and other property at two percent (same as 2012).

Criminal activities that contributed to the $6.9 million-plus total included fishing violations, fleeing, weapon crimes, burglaries), robbery/theft and assault. However, those crimes accounted for just nine percent of the total forfeitures, as 91 percent came from controlled substance and DUI-related incidents.

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