Theresa Vail
Theresa Vail was named Miss Kansas in June and will be hunting on her new Outdoor Channel show "Limitless."

There’s a lot more to Theresa Vail than just a pretty face.

The 23-year-old Kansas Army National Guard member competed in the Miss America pageant in 2013 after being named Miss Kansas in June.

When she gives up her crown on June 7, the cameras will keep following Vail as she embarks on her new Outdoor Channel show “Limitless.” The show will put the beauty queen back in the spotlight, doing one of her favorite activities: hunting.

According to the Kansas Eagle:

Vail has received attention for openly speaking of her love of hunting, firearms and her career in the Kansas Army National Guard. She gained more national attention when she announced she would not cover her tattoos in the Miss America competition in Atlantic City last September.

Along with hunting, the show will also focus on a number of “particular personal challenges” that will be presented to Vail.

“I told them I didn’t want to do what everybody else was doing and they said they didn’t either,” Vail told the Kansas Eagle. “We both wanted it to have more than just me on hunts. I was sold from there on.”

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