Missing Wisconsin infant Kayden Powell was found inside a plastic container at a gas station in Iowa.

A missing Wisconsin infant was found alive in a plastic storage bin by West Branch Police Chief Mike Horihan on Friday morning.

Horihan saw the container at a garbage and recycling area of a gas station in Interstate 80. When he opened the lid, he was shocked to discover Kayden Powell, a missing six-day-old boy who was abducted from his home in Beloit, Wisconsin while his parents were asleep. Authorities staged a multi-state search to find him.

“You could have knocked me over with a feather,” said Horihan, who is also a former state trooper. “The temperatures were 12 below zero last night, and the chances of finding a baby alive in that environment I didn’t expect to be very high.”

Police have arrested and charged Kristin Rose Smith, 31, of Denver, with kidnapping. She is Powell’s aunt.

Powell has been reunited with his family.

Read more: http://thegazette.com/2014/02/07/law-enforcement-veteran-helps-find-missing-baby-in-west-branch

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