Mission 22 Awareness Shoot 3-Gun Match
(Photo by Mission 22)

The Mission 22 Awareness Shoot 3-gun match is scheduled for June 25 at the Rockcastle Shooting Center in Mammoth Park, Ky.

Proceeds from match fees will go to Mission 22 and the fight to end veteran suicide.

Mission 22 is a collaboration between Elder Heart, a veteran non-profit organization, and a global advertising agency, to end veteran suicide. The 22 is relevant as 22 veterans take their own life each day.

Interested shooters should register before June 10 to guarantee their spot, as the match will be limited to 60 shooters. The match will consist of five 3-gun stages and a bonus skills stage.

Normal 3-gun equipment applies and there will be Horner scoring.

The event starts at 9 a.m. Following the match, there will be vendor time, food and beer to announce the winners.

For more information on the Mission 22 Awareness Shoot or for sponsorship opportunities, please email [email protected].

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