Elder Heart Mission 22 Mobile Memorial
The first plate (left) was created in honor of Rob Guzzo, a Navy Seal who took his own life on Nov 11th, 2012. The silhouettes will be cut out of a 10ft tall by 5ft wide piece of CorTen steel.

The following is a release from Elder Heart:

The Mission 22 Mobile Memorial will be a mobile monument. It will move around the United States, calling a new city home every few years. This will allow the impact of veteran suicide awareness to grow with each new location. Veteran suicide is an American problem, not just a veteran problem. Once the nation knows the truth the healing can begin.

You can become one of the founders. With 22 founders donating $22,000 or more, we will be able to bring the memorial to life. We currently have eleven founders.

As a founder your donation will result in the creation of a steel silhouette in the likeness of a real American Veteran who lost the battle at home. Details about their lives and service will be described in an inscription located at the base of each plate. Each founder will be forever recognized as a community member who would not let them go quietly into the night.

A contribution of any size will make a difference to the Mission 22 Mobile Memorial. Click here to donate now.

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