When first looked at, the MobileSpike seems like something out of a James Bond movie than a useful tool for law enforcement, but testing shows otherwise.

Described as a vehicle disablement system that shoots out from the front of a police car, the MobileSpike acts as a robotic arm that can safely deploy a spike strips under the tire of a suspect’s vehicle during a high-speed chase.

The idea of the technology is to cut down on car chase-related deaths, according to the product’s funding page.

We founded MobileSpike to address a real problem: over 11,000 people have lost their lives to high speed pursuits and almost half of them have been innocent civilians. It gives officers the first real answer to controlling and quickly deescalating a potentially fatal car chase.

“For those worried about tire blowout, our double-patented system uses hollow quills to puncture tires, which allows for slow, controlled deflation over 50-60 seconds. In all our years of testing, MobileSpike has never once caused a blowout.”

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