More ladies are locking and loading! That’s right… gun shops and ranges in our area are seeing more women customers than ever.

Beverly Nash is recently widowed and living alone.

“I’ve had some unfortunate experiences with repair men coming in my home and I need to be protected,” said Nash, a South Charlotte resident.

That’s why Nash enrolled in a pistol training course at the Elite Training Academy in Monroe.

Nash wants to be fully prepared before she carries a concealed weapon.

“I want to learn the safety, I want to learn how to disassemble the gun and take care of it myself, and then I really want hit what I’m shooting at,” said Nash.

Nash isn’t the only one.

“I need to be responsible, know how to use it and I want to do it well. If I’m going to do it, I’m going to do it right,” said Paulette Dahlstron, a South Charlotte resident.

Source: Fox Charlotte

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More ladies are locking and loading! That's right... gun shops and ranges in our…