On Wednesday, Jan. 23, Naperville Police shot and apprehended a man who pointed his gun at a responding officer. The suspect remains alive and in stable condition. Department dash cam footage shows the incident unfold entirely as officers respond to a tough situation in Illinois.

Naperville Police Respond

The scene began when Naperville Police responded to a commercial strip mall in the town approximately 30 miles west of Chicago. There, a 27-year-old drew attention for suspicious activity. Moreover, when officers arrived on the scene, the man held a gun to his head in the parking lot.

Footage clearly shows a man holding a gun to his head as officers first arrive on the scene. Footage also makes it clear that officers attempted repeatedly to get the man to drop the weapon. Multiple voices shout “Drop the gun, drop the gun,” and “talk to me.” However the suspect failed to comply to any of the officers’ requests.

Instead, after a few minutes of standoff, the man abruptly takes the handgun away from his head, advancing and aiming at an officer. That’s when law enforcement finally responded, as at least one officer engaged the suspect and put him down.

Naperville Police Officers then advanced on the suspect, detained him and recovered the firearm. Additionally, once secure, officials transported the suspect to an area hospital for treatment.

All Naperville Police personnel involved in the incident avoided injury. Moreover, the DuPage Major Crimes Task Force and State’s Attorney’s office are conducting an investigation into the incident, according to a release by the Naperville Police Department.

Naperville, Illinois is a town of approximately 145,000 people in the suburbs of Chicago. The city boats an exceptionally low crime rate and consistently ranks as a top city to live, according to the Naperville Police Department.

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