A San Antonio,Texas-based gun club is set to begin manufacturing ammunition at their facility. According to KENS 5, the San Antonio City Council unanimously approved a special option a few days ago to allow Nardis Gun Club to utilize their materials to make the ammo.

As KENS 5 reports, the plan faced opposition from some local residents, due to the fact that there is a gasoline storage facility just a few blocks from the gun club, as well as a local high school.

Verna Eskridge of the Dellcrest Area Neighborhood Association said she was originally against the plan, but she now supports it after touring the Nardis facility.

“I changed my mind because it seemed like a safe thing, Eskridge said. “One of the things that we want is to have development in the area and this looks like a good thing.”

Greg Thurman, President of the Nardis Gun Club, said local residents have nothing to fear, as the gunpowder which would be used is smokeless.

“It does not explode, it’s not like fertilizer or dynamite or even other forms of black powder which you do have a volatile aspect to them,” Thurman said.

According to KENS 5, Thurman said Nardis Gun Club needs to make ammo at his facility due to a nationwide shortage.

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