At age 34, Nate Boyer is putting his body to the test, trying out as a long snapper for the Seattle Seahawks.

But the tests at training camp are nothing compared to what Boyer has already endured as a Green Beret.

Boyer’s path to Seahawks training camp wasn’t a usual one by any means, as he explains in an exclusive video on

“Basic training, no question (is harder than training camp),” Boyer said last week on the Danny, Dave and Moore show on ESPN 710 Seattle. “What’s difficult about training camp is not necessarily at least for me the physical aspect. Well I guess it is the physical aspect in some ways because it’s just the fact that I’m going against these giant athletes that are bigger, stronger and faster than anybody in the world, really. So that’s where the challenge comes. It’s not that it’s so difficult it’s something I can’t overcome. There’s no mental wall I’m hitting or anything like that, like what happens in basic training or any kind of training in the military where they try to break you down.”

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