Too often, the men and women that sacrifice the most in defense of this country carry burdens most folks could never imagine. In the most severe cases, those burdens become too much for some of our veterans to bare. The National Center for Healthy Veterans has started its fight to combat this horrific trend. It’s center piece, Valor Farm, might just be the best program yet to help combat vets.

National Center for Healthy Veterans Establishes Valor Farm

For years now, we’ve heard the stat about 22 veterans per day committing suicide. It’s time we took the fight up for our vets. The NCHV stands poised to offer some help.

The program will provide veterans a place to find purpose and people. It will give them jobs. Meanwhile, the location serves as a backdrop in which to heal. Above all, it will bring back community into their lives.

“God is the healer, an so we needed a piece of healing terrain, part of God’s creating,” said NCHV President/CEO retired Major Gen. Bod Dees. “And my first criteria for this property was that someone be able to get lost in the woods.”

“What we’re going to do here is design a farm that is very intentionally and very thoughtfully built to be a therapeutic place for everyone involved,” NCHV Farm Director & Construction Supervisor Joseph Basel said.

Villages of Tiny Homes

Valor Farm will feature 100 tiny homes in villages of 20. Each village will also contain its own community center, complete with activities for vets. In short, Valor Farm will comprise an effort like no other before it.

“Veterans that are taking their own lives do it because of lack of purpose. We will give them purpose,” Dees said. “We’ll give them dignified work. We’ll give the ability to be part of a team and accomplish good things. That’s what keeps fueling my passion, to forge this National Center for Healthy Veterans on behalf of veterans across America.”

“If I hand’t been approached about this program, who knows where I’d be or what I’d be doing,” said Adam Lawson, NCHV ‘Patriot #1.’ “It’s like a missing link to me. That’s kind of what its felt like from the start.”

Above all, the NCHV maintains one mission: To return our vets to America, healthy. That’s a mission we can surely all get behind. For even more info, please visit

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