National Police Ammunition (NPA) recently announced that Miami-Dade Police Department Special Response Team (SRT) adopted the company’s rifle ammo. Moreover, the department picked NPA 130-grain 300 BLK HELO SR for the team’s primary rifle duty ammo.

National Police Ammunition HELO SR Features

HELO SR stands for High Expansion Law Enforcement Ordnance, Sintered Ram, according to NPA. The monolithic solid copper bullet is match grade and utilizes a hollow point. Additionally, the bullet features a black oxide coating for improved feeding and fouling mitigation. The company also seeks a patent on the bullet’s metal alloy sintered ballistic tip, according to NPA.

“My team and I initially met with the SRT team and they gave us performance specifications they required that their current ammunition could not attain, and they dared me to develop a better bullet,” said Erik Agazim, founder of NPA. “I love a good challenge so over the course of 18 months we tried various methods of trial and error to satisfy the teams requirements, when we finally succeeded, we realized that we had developed a bullet design that was completely unique.”

NPA’s Ballistic Insert

NPA designed the HELO SR for law enforcement, built to specifically pass and exceed all FBI performance protocols, according to NPA.

The SR ballistic insert utilizes a metal alloy sintered tip that will not deform in flight, according to NPA. Also, NPA claims the ballistic tip defeats barriers then releases from the main projectile body once it encounters soft tissue. A complete energy transfer and controlled expansion, according to NPA, the process mitigates the risk of over-penetration. Further, the company claims users can program the bullet to penetrate to a desired depth in ballistic gelatin.

Above all, NPA plans to introduce civilian variants of its products for self-defense and hunting. Further, NPA expects its commercial brand, Alchemist Ammunition, to begin distribution later this year.

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