Sparked by an initiative from the Students for Concealed Carry on Campus, the National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action gave a presentation at the University of Tulsa Wednesday, in which many aspects of the Second Amendment were spoken on.

The presentation began with an informational segment from speaker Krista Cupp, which detailed a brief history of the Second Amendment.

Its history was relayed alongside several excerpts from the writings of Thomas Jefferson and the texts of Supreme Court rulings that advocated support for the Constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

Statistics were also offered for many arguments, showing how permit-carrying gun owners are often the most law-abiding of citizens and that gun control has empirically failed to reduce crime.

A list of top 10 gun control myths was then presented, including the concept that gun control does not equate to crime control.

Throughout, the speakers maintained that their statistics had come from sources such as the FBI and CIA.

The second half of the presentation focused on election action, advising audience members of techniques that could be used to elect pro-gun politicians and methods of campaigning that could be used with campus resources.

The speaker directed the audience to lists of official NRA-endorsed politicians for reference.

A theme of the presentation, according to speaker Brent Gardner, was to spread to citizens “the joy of shooting.”

Even more prevalent was the consistent advocacy of the preservation of Constitutional rights. “(Supporters of gun control) believe that you deserve fewer rights,” Gardner said.

Source: Sarah Szabo for the University of Tulsa.

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