NATO recently accepted the FN 5.7x28 for standardization among NATO forces.

FN recently announced a unique honor, one that puts the company in pretty select company. NATO standardized the FN 5.7x28mm cartridge for its standard small caliber ammunition portfolio.

NATO Standardizes FN 5.7x28mm

The FN 5.7x28mm first debuted in the 1980s with the FN P90. Then FN released the Five-seveN pistol, delivering very unique capabilities in a hand-held platform. Now FN continues to make 5.7 carbines and pistols for civilians, law enforcement and military personnel. The cartridge has grown in popularity as of late with releases like the Ruger-57 and also the KelTec P50.

The NATO standardization comprises a continuous effort to promote interchangeability of all small caliber ammunition used by allied armed forces. The 5.7x28mm now joins that group of NATO-approved gear.

The 5.7x28mm cartridge joins the Multi-Caliber Manual of Proof and Inspection (AEP-97) and the standardized NATO small caliber ammunition portfolio. It also joins 9x19mm NATO, 5.56x45mm NATO, 7.62x51mm NATO and 12.7x99mm NATO (commonly called .50 caliber).

As a NATO standardized caliber, the 5.7x28mm provides armies with guaranteed interchangeability between ammo from different manufacturers. It also ensures operational efficiency in weapons chambered in the cartridge.

The 5.7x28mm makes the third contemporary cartridge designed by FN and accepted by NATO. It joins the 5.56×45, accepted in 1957, and also the 7.62×51, accepted in 1981.

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