US Navy Hi-Tech Unmanned Boat
US Navy Puts New Hi-Tech Systems, Weapons on Display (CREDIT: Yahoo! News)

The U.S. Navy is getting its hands on some very hi-tech equipment.

Unmanned boats and electric-powered railguns are just a couple of the products that the Navy has planned for the near future, according to Yahoo! News.

Among the most innovative technologies the Navy is rolling out is an “autonomous” boat that can drive itself under the control of a sophisticated computer module hardly larger than a Rubik’s cube. There is absolutely no one at the controls, and the vessel not only drives itself but can operate together with other boats as a “swarm” to protect larger Navy ships.

Chief of Naval Research Rear Adm. Matthew Klunder, who spoke with Yahoo! News about the new technology, also discussed an electric-powered railgun.

Next, Klunder held up a high-velocity projectile used for new electromagnetic railguns that are powered by electricity and can travel up to 110 nautical miles at seven times the speed of sound.

… Not only are the electric-powered railguns more lethal than they were before, but because they are powered by electricity and not gunpowder, they are safer to use.

“I never want to see our Sailors and Marines in a fair fight,” Klunder told Yahoo! News. “I always want to have them to have the most effective technologies, the most affordable weapons systems, and with the most innovative technology available.”

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