Navy Shipbuilding Programs Improving
Navy Shipbuilding Programs Improving

The US Navy shipbuilding programs are improving, reports the Government Accountability Office (GAO). But too many ships are being accepted still needing work, the GAO says, and the Navy needs better standards to get the work done before taking delivery.

The Navy, however, says the service already has good practices in place, and forcing shipbuilders to deal with one-size-fits-all standards would result in higher costs and more delayed deliveries.

“There can be a standard of practice, but I’m uncomfortable with saying all ships will be delivered with no discrepancies,” Rear Adm. David Lewis, program executive officer for ships under the Naval Sea Systems Command, said during an interview Nov. 20. “That could end up driving the Navy to spend tens of millions of dollars to save a couple million, and that’s not a good outcome.”


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