One Step Ahead SWMP Oct training
Sailors work out on the hangar deck of an aircraft carrier to maintain physical fitness, wearing athletic shoes of their choice.

The U.S. Navy is measuring its sailors for a new sizing correlation study.

The Navy sizing correlation study is being used “to gather data to get an up-to-date snapshot of the size and shape of today’s sailors,” according to a release. Involved in the study are the Navy Clothing and Textile Research Facility (NCTRF), Navy Exchange Service Command (NEXCOM) and Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP).

NCTRF has begun collecting 30 noninvasive body dimensions of Sailors at Naval Station Norfolk, Va. In total, NCTRF will gather the measurements of 4,000 Sailors (2,000 men and 2,000 women) throughout the Hampton Roads, Virginia area during the study, which will last through March 2015.

… Once the study is complete, NCTRF will determine if the sizing of military members in the U.S. Navy and U.S. Army are similar enough to use the data the U.S. Army gathered in 2010 in lieu of conducting its own full scale scientific sizing study.

“U.S. Navy body dimensions were last measured in 1997 for males and 1988 for females,” said Capt. Robert Gantt, NEXCOM’s Deputy Commander of Uniform Programs, in a release. “Based on a recent Army Anthropometric Study, it was shown that the average height, weight and dimensions of servicemen and women have changed over the past 20 years. So, updating sizing data in U.S. Navy patterns for uniforms and organizational clothing would help improve fit and comfort for sailors.”

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