Nevada Crisis Intervention Team
(Left to right): VCSO Deputy Evan Roux and Nevada Police Officer Patrick Deao (Credit: Nevada Daily Mail)

The Nevada/Vernon County Crisis Intervention Team has announced its two newest members this week.

Joining the team are Nevada Police Officer Patrick Deao and Deputy Evan Roux of the Vernon County Sheriff’s Office, who both recently completed a week-long training session in Kansas City.

Both law enforcement officers completed the training course on March 28 and graduated from the Mid-America Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) training program.

According to the Nevada Daily Mail:

The CIT course is 40 hours of classroom and field training. The course includes instruction in overview of mental illness, medication management and identification; de-escalation techniques; steps to prevent suicide; family and consumer panels; site visits; and cultural diversity.

“I’m very pleased in the progress we are making in our CIT program,” Nevada Police Chief Graham Burnley told the Nevada Daily Mail. “These law enforcement professionals were trained in CIT techniques, which I believe is improving the level of competence in responding to a person in crisis. Without a doubt, CIT has led to great improvements in police response to mental health issues in our community.”

For more information about the Crisis Intervention Team, contact Officer Deao at 417-448-5100.

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