FT. BENNING, GA- As the US Military continues their search for a more effective camouflage pattern, A-TACS® (Advanced TActical Concealment System) has begun to draw interest as a possible contender. In order to release the most up-to-date information on the A-TACS® pattern to interested parties, Digital Concealment Systems, (DCS) is proud to unveil the first official photos of the A-TACS® pattern.

Many who have seen the pattern comment on how it is unlike any camouflage pattern they have encountered as its chameleon-like qualities cause it to blend into the surrounding environment. This unique “pattern within a pattern” concept allows it to break up the outline of the human body relying on a palette of inter-mingled natural colors over a neutral tan base for use in open, rocky, or arid environments.

Fernando Coelho, President of EOTAC®, LLC had this to say about the pattern, “I am very happy that we are involved in the A-TACS® project. Of all the camo patterns I have seen over the years, this is the first one to break from tradition and actually makes sense.”

Furthermore, the intricate nature of the pattern makes it difficult to copy. “We like to continuously raise the bar relative to what is possible to achieve with current textile printing technology. The fact that there is interest from the US Military in the work we are doing validates that effort”, said Philip Duke, DCS Design Director and Principal.

A-TACS® is being adopted by several vendors offering complimentary products. This allows the A-TACS® pattern to offer users a Total Camouflage Solution. Never before have so many items been offered in the same pattern. Licensees have been selected based on their ability to offer the end-user a holistic concealment strategy. Ryan Smith, Brand Manager for LE/Tactical Firearms at Remington offered these comments on A-TACS®, “Remington® firearms in the A-TACS pattern will blend in with a shooter’s complete ensemble, allowing the Operator to avoid detection.” The military has begun to show interest in the pattern for use by special operations forces and also as a possible solution for use in the Middle East.

DCS is still on track for a formal kick-off after the New Year. Companies participating in this unprecedented launch include Remington®, Bushmaster®, DPMS Panther Arms®, Danner®, EOTAC®, Tactical Assault Gear®, Blue Force Gear® and Emerson Knives®. All will begin introducing A-TACS® product offerings starting on November 15th with additional product from selected manufacturers being introduced at SHOT Show.

The formal release of the pattern is scheduled during SHOT Show 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada at a press conference held in concert with the licensees where media will have the opportunity to receive detailed briefings from a variety of vendors. Additionally, the A-TACS® team will demonstrate how items from different licensees work together to provide a Total Camouflage Solution.

A-TACS® was developed by Digtal Concealment Systems, (DCS) to answer the call for better and more effective camouflage system integration for duty personnel in any service branch from military to law enforcement. A-TACS® is designed as a universal pattern for a wide range of operational environments with additional supporting color and design variants to follow.

Many of the modern digital camouflage patterns currently in use by the tactical community have flaws. The square pixels used to create the distortion effect do not replicate the shapes, forms and shadows of the environment they are deployed in-especially when viewed through optics. The ninety-degree angles and limited use of natural colors can in many cases, make detection easier.

Additionally, the “visual noise” in these same patterns tends to make them close-up into a solid color, producing a “blobbing” effect when viewed from a distance. A-TACS® addresses and improves these critical issues in three ways.

1. – Replace un-natural square pixels with organic pixels. Utilizing our patented process, we created a palette of natural colors digitally sampled from real-world elements in carefully controlled lighting. The pattern is then created using a mathematical algorithm that writes “organically-shaped” pixels using the specific color information given. The resulting pattern while still digital, is far more organic in appearance.

2. – Use small patterns to create larger more distinct shapes designed to work at a distance. Small shapes create larger shapes and larger shapes are organized into a distinct pattern with no horizontal or vertical orientation. This unique “pattern within a pattern” concept allows A-TACS® to effectively break the human outline at great distances thereby, minimizing the “blobbing” effect of other patterns when viewed from a distance.

3. – More effective use of color-range produces a better concealment system. A-TACS® is created using a far greater range of inter-mingled natural colors than was previously possible. The overall base color for the cast is a neutral tan which is designed for use in open, rocky or arid environments.

Furthermore, the abstract and intricate nature of this pattern gives it a unique “fingerprint”which is not only adaptable to various service branches, but also makes it difficult to copy.

Digital Concealment Systems draws from over 20 years in the business of concealment. DCS specializes in developing and bringing camouflage patterns to market for wide variety ofapplications.

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FT. BENNING, GA- As the US Military continues their search for a more effective…