Guns on campus: not everyone wants it, but in Arizona it might just become a reality.

Most universities do not allow students or faculty with concealed carry permits to bring a weapon to school, but a bill is currently moving through the state senate that would allow faculty to do just that. Currently, only certified police officers are permitted to carry a weapon on school grounds in Arizona.

State Senator Jack Harper of Phoenix is the primary sponsor of this bill, and this legislative session is not the first time that it has been introduced.

Daniel Crocker, Southwest Regional Director for Students for Concealed Carry on Campus, said that while he believes this legislation should extend to students, the current bill is a move in the right direction. “Any step toward allowing the people the right to self defense is a good thing,” Crocker said. “We’re going to embrace anything that extends that right.”

At 44,000 members, Students for Concealed Carry on Campus is one of the largest student rights groups in the country. They advocate that trained, licensed, and law-abiding adults who carry a firearm to protect themselves should also have the right to do so on college campuses.

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