“It’s absolutely essential to be able to make sure that those who are getting these licenses can manipulate a weapon and can use it safely.”

Starting today, gun owners in Idaho can get enhanced concealed carry permits. That means more training before earning your permit.

“When to carry, where you can carry, where you can’t carry, what to do if you do pull your weapon, and all the information you wouldn’t get from a basic firearm class,” says gun safety instructor Andrew Odom about the new requirements.

It also means more time at a firing range, handling your weapon and firing with live rounds. That’s something Odom says adds a whole new level of safety.

“Not only on a range, but if you’re going to be carrying it around, I think it’s an important aspect of firearms training and concealed carry,” he says.

It’s not only about more class time and training. It also means higher standards for the permit, meaning more states around the country will recognize our state’s permits – something Odom says Idaho gun owners have been waiting for, because before today, you often had to apply for multiple permits if you planned to travel with your weapon.

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