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United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) announced the creation of a new resource that is available to anyone who wishes to get a concealed weapons permit in the United States.

The process for getting a concealed weapons (ccw) permit varies from state to state, and in some cases even within a state. This resource is an invaluable tool for anyone who wants to learn more about concealed carry laws across the country. In the past, it was up to law-abiding citizens to scour the web and learn about the laws in their state that apply to getting a concealed weapons permit. This was not an easy process, since the permits go by a number of different names and are administered by a variety of agencies depending on individual state law.

The process of getting your legal concealed weapons permit is streamlined with this comprehensive resource from USCCA. Included in the tool is the name of the licensing agency for each state and Puerto Rico, as well their telephone numbers and addresses. Also provided are links to the appropriate websites, in order to apply for the permit, and additional information on firearms and concealed carry laws.

With this tool, a citizen can not only determine how they can get a concealed weapons permit for their home state, but they can also learn how to legally carry in other states that they frequently visit. Some states honor a concealed weapons permit issued by another state, a process referred to as CCW Reciprocity.

When there is ccw reciprocity, either by agreement or legislative action, the permit holder will not be required to get a permit for each state they wish to visit. However, concealed carry reciprocity is not federally managed, and is, therefore, a complex issue governed by each state and jurisdiction. CCW reciprocity can change quickly as states enact or amend concealed carry laws, making it challenging for responsible gun owners to stay abreast of the current reciprocity agreements.

In some cases, a non-resident may apply for a concealed weapons permit from another state in order to be able to legally conceal and carry guns in that state. By applying for several non-resident permits, it is possible for a citizen to legally carry in most states across the country. Before applying for a permit from another state, a gun owner can use the interactive USCCA CCW Reciprocity map to determine if their state permit will be honored by that state. The map will also allow gun owners to determine which non-resident permits will give them the broadest reciprocal coverage.

Citizens who wish to legally carry concealed firearms, whether just in their home state or across the country, will save both time and money by using the new concealed weapons permit resource and the accompanying CCW Reciprocity map.

Source: United States Concealed Carry Association

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