New Mexico is planning to do an in depth study of what 18 other states require for someone to get a concealed carry permit.

Officials want to see if requirements in those states are as strict as New Mexico’s.

Action 7 News learned it takes a lot of training, outside the gun range, to get a concealed carry permit in New Mexico.

There are some states that require four hours of training. The state of New Mexico requires a minimum of 15.

Action 7 News reporter Melissa Montoya spent 16 hours — a full Saturday and Sunday — at Caliber’s shooting range learning how to avoid potentially dangerous situations and the consequences of using a handgun as a deadly weapon.

There are a lot of complexities there and a lot gun owners need to know just for their safety and for those around them. When it was over, it was onto the shooting range.

So who is legally carrying a concealed weapon?

The average person is about 40 years old with an income well over $50,000.

Getting a permit also requires passing a full criminal background check. The state has issued more than 17,000 concealed carry permits — that number does not include permit holders from other states who’ve moved into New Mexico.
It seems more women are interested in getting their concealed carry permit. They’ve seen an increase in the number of women enrolling in the course.

Women now make up about 40 percent of the classes at Caliber’s, that’s up considerably from about three years ago. But Caliber’s has not seen an increase in people signing up for the course in anticipation of the new law going into effect July 1; which allows people to carry concealed handguns into restaurants that serve beer and wine.

Source: KOAT

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