A new bill is being presented to the Ohio’s House of Representatives that would permit concealed weapons inside bars.

As of now, guns are not allowed where alcohol is sold but that could change. If the new bill passes, bars like The Blarney would have the option to allow weapons.

The Blarney owner Ed Beczynski says he would be fine with it.

“The bad guys out there, they’re carrying the weapons already. Why shouldn’t we be allowed to protect ourselves?,” Beczynski said. He says he’s a gun advocate and doesn’t see this law affecting business.

“If you don’t have a good background, they’re not going to give you that permit.” Beczynski says he believes it’s within his customers’ rights.

However, it’s apparent what guns inside such an establishment can mean. Earlier this year, a patron of downtown’s Flames on the River was shot inside the bar.

Toledo Police Chief Mike Navarre has his own opinion of such a bill passing and says it sounds like a “very bad idea.”

“I think it will result in more shootings at these type of establishments.”

Chief Navarre says the city has a big problem with illegal guns already and passing this bill would make problems worse.

“If they’re allowed to carry guns, they’ll skip the fist fight [and] go right to [the] fire arm and shoot someone,” Navarre said.

Ed Beczynski says the number of fights inside his bar are few. However, he adds that if the bill does pass, it should be up to the bar owner to make a final decision for his own establishment.

Source: Lisa Rantala for WTOL.

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