The New Orleans Police Department has released the body camera video from a fatal shooting in January 2015.

Suspect Omarr Jackson was shot dead by police on Jan. 7 after allegedly attempting to flee and firing a gun at the same officers, according to

Jackson, 37, was struck by gunfire from officer Matthew Bencik, who with partner Devin Ashmore approached Jackson’s disabled truck around 11 p.m. at the intersection of Josephine and Lasalle streets. Two other people were inside the truck at the time, police said, but Jackson tried to run after being asked to step out of the vehicle.

The video shows Jackson first firing at the officers before Bencik returned fire.

Assistant District Attorney Christopher Bowman said prosecutors did not find sufficient evidence to pursue criminal charges against Bencik. Bencik has since returned to full duty by police.

“Policing is extremely dangerous. It becomes more dangerous every day. … This is what we face everyday on the streets,” New Orleans Superintendent of Police Michael S. Harrison said at a March 30 press conference. “So let me be clear, we don’t want to use force unless we absolutely have to. We don’t use it unless we absolutely have to.”

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