The New Orleans Police Department released footage of a wild shootout recently that left one officer and two suspects wounded. Body cam footage shows one officer take a round during a shootout that spills out of a local CVS Pharmacy.

“NOPD said the officers initially responded to a report of an armed robbery and arrived at the scene within two minutes of getting the call,” reported “The video shows the officers confront the two suspects, Alan Parson and Richard Sansbury, who retreated into the store. One of the officers is then heard saying, ‘He’s got a gun,’ before both officers left the store to take cover just outside the doors.”

The New Orleans Police Shootout

That’s when officer Chad Clark, holding a position on the right side of the pharmacy exit, takes one round in the shoulder. Footage shows Clark get hit, stagger, then retreat and take up a more covered position. Then the officer holds his ground, and when the suspects make a daring run for it, he responds with fellow officers, engaging the threat.

Multiple body camera angles, along with the store’s security camera footage, paint the picture as the entire scene unfolds. After initially getting the jump on officers, the suspects bolt for the door. However, multiple officers engage Parson and Sansbury. One report stated the officers fired 29 shots in total.

Parson took three gunshot wounds in the shootout, and officers apprehended him on the scene. Sansbury took one round and fled into the neighborhood. Authorities captured him about two hours later, according to

“I commend these officers for their bravery and their courage, more specifically Officer Clark who was still able to stand and return fire against these individuals,” said NOPD Superintendent Shaun Ferguson, as reported by “They knew the individuals were armed, and they made the proper approach, and things erupted in a split second.”

Both suspects remain in custody. Meanwhile, Clark, the injured officer, is reportedly home and recovering.

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