A program in Effingham County, Georgia, is teaching local teenagers the ins and outs of law enforcement. According to WSAV, participants got an idea of the daily tasks of an LEO when they processed a mock crime scene. The group gathered evidence, took fingerprints and attempted to solve a murder.

“On TV it looks so easy. It’s not easy. You have to log everything, you have to make sure you watch where you go, you have to really be on the lookout for things,” said Logan Beasley.

As WSAV reports, this new training program is aimed toward helping a teenager decide if they want to pursue a career in law enforcement.

“When they come through and say that’s not what I want to do, we’ve won, we’ve helped them make a life decision,” said Sgt. Ramsey Mannon.

According to Mannon, some teenagers who went through the program are now pursuing law enforcement careers.

The Explorers program is available for teenagers from ages 14 to 20. Click here to learn more.

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