New Taurus Products include the TX 22 SCR
(Photo by Taurus)

Like every SHOT Show, new products are dropping left and right. Taurus is not exception, so let’s take a quick look at the new Taurus products for 2022.

First Up: Heritage Barkeep Boot

You might not have known that Heritage is owned by the same company that owns Taurus. They share a facility in Georgia. So we’re including the new update to the Barkeep line in this article. It’s a good update too, because when we reviewed the Heritage Barkeep, the most common comment was that it needs a bird’s head grip. Well you asked and Heritage answered. The first of the new Taurus products is a Heritage Barkeep with a bird’s head grip, called the Barkeep Boot.

The Barkeep Boot is a downsized version of the recently introduced Barkeep revolver. A single-action rimfire based on the company’s popular Rough Rider series handguns available in two or three-inch barrel lengths. In the spirit of the Old West, this new revolver from Heritage Mfg. moves the Barkeep from “waistcoat carry” to “boot carry” with its diminutive one-inch barrel and sleek bird’s head grip profile.

The new Heritage Barkeep Boot shrinks the original

A one inch barrel and a bird’s head grip? That sounds like a perfect set-up for someone looking to carry the little Barkeep Boot. Furthermore, there’s more good news. The new Barkeep Boot accepts the same .22 Magnum cylinders as the regular Heritage Rough Riders. That means if you really want to make a lot of noise, you can drop in a .22 Mag cylinder for one serious muzzle flash.

The Second of the New Taurus Products

This one is pretty cool if you’re into Steel Challenge and shooting fast. This is the new TaurusTX 22 Competition SCR. What does “SCR” stand for? Steel Challenge Ready. This is an upgrade to the TaurusTX .22 LR pistol that gives you a gun that is ready for Steel Challenge Rimfire Division right out of the box. No doubt that Taurus’ competition shooters KC Eusebio and Jessie Harrison had input on this pistol. I also got my hands on a very early prototype at an unrelated factory event with Taurus, and it was very nice to shoot then. The upgraded model has some awesome features, including:

  • Taurus Optic Ready Option: Mount the mini-red dot sight of your choice
  • Custom Bull Barrel for enhanced accuracy

Furthermore, the TaurusTX 22 Competition SCR features parts from the rimfire wizards themselves at TANDEMKROSS. Notably, this one of the new Taurus products is rocking a TANDEMKROSS compensator and extractor for enhanced reliability.

Last but Not Least

New is the Taurus 327 Magnum!

The third and final new product we’re looking at is another gun that I’m personally excited about. The Taurus 856 revolver is a staple in their lineup, and now they’re offering it as a six shot .327 Federal Magnum with 2 or 3 inch barrels. The .327 Fed Mag chambering allows the gun to also fire .32 Magnum and .32 S&W Long rounds. The best part about the new gun is the MSRP. A matte black model will set you back $371, and the stainless steel just $388. Seeing more options for .32 revolver enthusiasts is always great news.

For more information on new Taurus products, make sure to check out their website!

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