New tools for armed professionals were displayed at the 2009 National Patrol Rifle Conference. Among the more than two-dozen vendors were these worthy of particular mention:

newtool3The brand-new and innovative P.I.M.P. (Patrol Rifle Integrated Magazine Pouch) from Center Mass attaches to the patrol belt and allows the officer to attach additional equipment to it such as pistol magazines. It will allow an officer to carry an additional AR-15 magazine on their belt with out using additional space. Due to many incidents happening rapidly, an officer will only have to grab their patrol rifle and go. As officers have an already-crowded gun belt, this kit allows for having their magazines right on their belt. (

Fail Zero’s Greaseless Tactical Weapons Upgrade, is a proprietary coating that allows the shooter to shoot their weapon system without the use of grease or lubrication. It can either be purchased as a drop in bolt and hammer system or can be purchased as a full system; for a very reasonable price: You can coat all or part of a weapon system, to reduce the risk of malfunction due to environmental conditions, such as sand or dirt. One hard lesson we learned from war in the desert is that talcum-like sand particles will lock a weapon up when the dirt sticks to lubricants. (

newtool2LaRue Tactical has a full line of accessories affordable for even the average patrol officer. By purchasing a simple quad rail, any number of lights, optics and gear can be quickly bolted onto an out-of-the box AR-15 platform. The durability, repeatability and  quality of craftsmanship is unsurpassed. With mounts for most tactical optics on the market, flip up sights, grips or sling swivels, LaRue has become one-stop shopping for rifle accessories. (

Black Hills Ammunition’s Jeff Hoffman has developed a full line of ammunition for almost all tactical applications. His diverse, high quality ammunition can be used for limited penetration, barrier, and long-and short-barrel options. They have been providing quality ammunition for the military and LE communities since 1981. Today they provide, “the power of performance!” It is like running high-octane fuel in a high-performance vehicle! (

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New tools for armed professionals were displayed at the 2009 National Patrol Rifle Conference.…