The first shots were fired Monday on the new shooting range at the Shawnee County Sheriff’s Office training complex.

Complete with a 100-yard firing range, 20 targets and a classroom, deputies said they’re fired up about taking their training to a new level.

“From the knee wall back here to my right back to the 25-yard line is all concrete to allow shooting on the move drills to be done safely,” said Cpl. Kelly Jordan, Shawnee County Sheriff’s firearms instructor.

Safety is the top priority. Cpl. Kelly Jordan has been a firearms instructor for six years. When his trainees toe the firing line, it’s his job to make sure they maintain the fundamentals they’ll use on the streets.

“Luckily the Shawnee County Sheriff’s Office has not had any officer-involved shootings here of late,” said Jordan. “But it is something that obviously in the line of work of law enforcement that law enforcement officers are susceptible to. So it is our responsibility to make sure the officers of Shawnee County Sheriff’s Office are properly trained and this training facility will without a doubt allow us to do that.”

After shots are fired, bullets are embedded into an area behind the targets, which is made of recycled tire. When it rains, the water runs into a drainage ditch. The water is then cleaned through a filter, so there’s no lead contamination.

The multi-million dollar training facility is a drastic change from the agency’s old one.

“What we called a training building, training facility, it was nothing more than a shack,” said Dick Barta, Shawnee County Sheriff.

It had a small furnace, air conditioner unit and no indoor bathrooms.

In 2006, the agency wanted to make improvements but the issue was shot down after concerns from nearby neighbors.

“What once was a dream has now become a reality,” Barta said.

It’s a reality that was funded by asset forfeiture money or drug money recovered during car stops. The FBI paid $100,000 for the automatic turn targets and the tables, chairs and benches were made by Kansas inmates.

Source: KTKA

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