Hundreds of soldiers in the New York Army National Guard will participate in the 'Warfighter' training exercise at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.

Hundreds of soldiers in the New York Army National Guard — more than 75 from the 42nd Infantry Division out of western New York and 100 from the Hudson Valley — departed for Fort Leavenworth in Kansas yesterday to participate in the ‘Warfighter’ training exercise.

According to a press release, the drill is designed to test the skills of all staff sections and enables them to work individually or as a team. A series of experts from the Mission Command Training Program (MCTP) will assess the 42nd Infantry Divison’s ability to plan, communicate, react and respond to battlefield changes through a computer simulation.

“The division will oversee more than 14,000 notional Soldiers on a high-intensity battlefield, requiring planning complex battle orders, personnel and medical plans, logistical support and integrating the full spectrum of battlefield players such as field artillery, aviation in a rapidly changing environment,” the press release reads.

Soldiers from the 42nd Infantry Division have been preparing for this training exercise for over two years. It is set to run until the last week of May.

“The importance of participating in a Division Warfighter can’t be understated,” said 42nd Infantry Division Chief of Staff Col. Philip Pugliese. “It exercises the Division’s role as the Army’s primary tactical warfighting headquarters in commanding brigades in decisive action. The training is first-class and combines offensive, defensive and stability operations. This training experience will enhance our Division’s overall readiness and mission posture.”

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