New York State Grants Bring Upgrades in Interrogation Technology
New York State Grants Bring Upgrades in Interrogation Technology

Governor Cuomo announced nearly $700,000 in funding to law enforcement agencies for upgrading interrogation technology. In announcing the grants last November, Cuomo said the state is giving law enforcement the resources they need to enhance the integrity, fairness and effectiveness of the criminal justice system.

“The benefit is it gives an accurate, detailed memorialization of the interview as it takes place,” saidBill Weishaupt, chief investigator with the Ulster County District Attorney’s Office. “And it doesn’t require the officers to remember what was said or rely on their notes.

Ulster County Public Defender Andrew Kossover said he fully supports the concept, but for the recording of interrogations to be effective the entire event must be taped. He said the entire custodial interrogation must be recorded because there have been times when threats or promises were made off camera leading to a false confession by the defendant.

“Generally speaking, the electronic recording of interrogations from the reading of Miranda rights going forward is the single best reform available to stem the tide of false confessions,” Kossover said.


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