New York State Police
New York State Police will be taking part in "Speed Week" from April 17-24 in attempt to curb potentially fatal speeding and aggressive driving.

“Slow down!”

That’s the message the New York State Police Department is sending to residents from April 17-24, better known as “Speed Week.”

Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Wednesday that New York State Police will conduct a week-long enforcement initiative targeting speeding and aggressive drivers across the state to help curb potentially fatal accidents. Fines for speeding and aggressive driving can reach nearly $1,000 and add up to 11 points on a driver’s license.

“Too often families are forced to endure needless heartache as a result of reckless driving,” Cuomo said in a release. “During Speed Week, the State Police will be out in force across New York cracking down on drivers who break the law, putting themselves and others at risk. This week and every week, I urge drivers to slow down and adhere to the vital and lifesaving rules of the road.”

The goal of this campaign, and enforcement year round, is to reduce speed related crashes and improve safe travel for drivers and passengers on New York’s roads, according to a release from Cuomo. Speeding by all vehicle types, as well as other traffic violations, will be heavily enforced throughout the week in addition to normal year-round enforcement.

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