The New York State Sheriff’s Association has had more than a week now to review Governor Cuomo’s New York Safe Act and while it agrees with some parts of the stricter gun laws, others, could use some clarification, they say.

Here is the official response:

Following passage of the SAFE Act by the State Legislature and approval by the Governor, the Sheriffs now have had the opportunity to review the language of the new law and wish to make our comments available. The Sheriffs of New York state support many of the provisions of the SAFE Act, and believe that they will enhance public safety and help to shield citizens from gun violence.

However, there are also some parts of this new law that need clarification, and some that we think should be reconsidered and modified to meet the concerns of the law enforcement community and the public at large.

We have identified the following six provisions of the new law which we believe are helpful and will increase the safety of our citizens. These include:


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