Typhoon relief efforts
Typhoon relief efforts

The Department of Defense has transitioned to the next phase of Typhoon relief efforts in the Philippines following Super Typhoon Haiyan, according to DOD spokesman Army Col. Steven Warren.

Warren provided Pentagon reporters an update on U.S. military assisted humanitarian aid and disaster relief, known as Operation Damayan, in the Philippines based on the recommendations of Marine Corps Lt. Gen. John E. Wissler, commander of the 3rd Marine Expeditionary Force and Joint Task Force 505.

“Yesterday … Lt. Gen. Whistler declared Operation Damayan as officially moved to Phase 4, which is transition,” Warren said.

Initially, Warren said, the general recommended that JTF 505, which was stood up to provide command and control over relief efforts, stand down on or about Dec. 1.

Read more at http://www.defense.gov/news/newsarticle.aspx?id=121231.

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