Viridian Green Lasers Sights are featured on this week’s episode of Guns and Ammo TV in the “Police Perspective” segment hosted by California police officer and SWAT trainer Richard Nance.

This week’s topic is using a laser/light combo while operating in the dark. The new Viridian X5L is outstanding for night time use. It sports a blinding 160 lumen LED tactical light with powerful 190 lumen strobe mode. The Viridian C5L is also a great tool for this type of training due to its very powerful, yet subcompact, LED tactical light, which produces up to 140 lumens of light output. The green laser on both is also highly visible and intimidating in the dark.

The Sportsman’s Channel is airing this week’s episodes on Monday July 11th at 9:30am (EST) and Friday July 15th at both 1:30am (EST) and 4:00pm (EST).

Don’t miss the chance to see these exciting products in action! Make sure to check your local listings for upcoming segments of “Police Perspective” featuring Viridian Green Laser Sights on Guns and Ammo TV in 2011.

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Viridian Green Lasers Sights are featured on this week's episode of Guns and Ammo…