A Philadelphia hoagie shop is offering gun owners a deal this week: turn in your weapon and get two hoagies, chips, and a drink.
Despite the best efforts of Ricci’s Hoagie Shop, no one has taken advantage of the deal.

The lunch rush is lining up at the hoagie shop in Point Breeze. Store owner Rich Pagliarella says the area is no stranger to shootings.

“The week before we opened up a young man was killed right outside the store with an AK-47. There was 37 shots. And that’s what gave me the idea before I opened.”

Neighborhood resident Sarah Moore doesn’t have any guns to turn in with her order, but she hopes others will.

“We need to get some of these guns off the streets that’s for sure. The hoagies are good. They’re worth turn in a gun to get two hoagies. They’re delicious.”

A trio of Police officers stands outside the front door – waiting to take a gun from anyone who wants to turn it in.

Officer Erin Tokley is staying positive someone will turn in a gun.

“Well you never know. It’s something you should applaud. Anything we get off the street is a plus. I mean if you get one gun, it’s worth it. So, we’re hopeful.”

Outside store owner Rich Pagliarella points to the divots in the brick and broken windows from the deadly incident that sparked the hoagies for guns deal.

Source: Elizabeth Fiedler for WHYY.

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