serpa.gifNORFOLK, Va. –The City of Norfolk, Virginia Police Department has decided to equip their uniformed officers with BLACKHAWK!’s latest SERPA duty holster for their newly issued TASER X-26. After extensive testing, the Level 2 SERPA duty holster was selected for issue division wide. The department is giving the officers the option of duty belt or leg platform carry, which is possible with BLACKHAWK!’s modular design that allows any SERPA holster to be carried on a variety of mounting options.

The Level 2 SERPA X-26 holster is designed to be worn on a duty belt, but also works with any of the SERPA carry platforms for leg, MOLLE vest or shoulder harness. The design features a distinctly different draw than the regular SERPA duty holsters to help differentiate between the TASER and an officer’s handgun in a stressful situation. The design also automatically re-engages the safety when the TASER is re-holstered and contains the probes if the unit is accidentally activated in the holster.

Mike Noell, founder and CEO of BLACKHAWK! said, “We are proud that one of our hometown departments has selected the SERPA and that we can help our local officers to do their jobs in a safer and more effective manner. Norfolk PD is an outstanding department and we consider this quite an honor.”

The City of Norfolk Police Department has purchased 673 duty belt TASER SERPA holsters and 256 TASER SERPA leg platform holsters. The PD has 900 sworn and civilian employees serving over 241,000 citizens in the 66 square miles that comprise the City of Norfolk.

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