On Monday night, two armed robbers burst into a Charlotte Pizza Hut, while workers were in the back cleaning. According to police, as one of the employees was being beaten and herded into a cooler with his co-workers, he pulled his own gun and shot the men.

The dead assailants have been identified as Gregory James Hardy and Dauntrae Wallace, both 21 and both were convicted felons.

The unidentified Pizza Hut employee told the Charlotte Observer that he began carrying a gun after he was robbed twice in two years.

He said: “If the bad guys attack, you know they’ll have guns. The police can’t protect everyone.”

In July 2008, the owner of a Virginia Beach pizzeria shot and killed an armed robber, who was threatening to kill one of his employees.

It was a Saturday night when a masked Johnny Morocco Williams, 41, slipped in the backdoor of Dominick’s Pizza and Pasta, demanding that the owner, Ferdinando Abbodante, open the safe.

However, what Williams did not know was that the safe was where Abbodante kept his own handgun.

The robber became increasingly violent, putting his gun to the head of a female employee, refusing to simply take the money from the cash register and leave.

Here are a few facts about armed Americans:

-Armed citizens shoot and kill at least twice as many criminals as the police do every year in this country (1,527 to 606).

-A 1996 University of Chicago study concluded that states which passed concealed carry laws reduced their murder rates by 8.5 percent, rapes by 5 percent, aggravated assaults by 7 percent, and robbery by 3 percent.

-According to the National Safety Council, with guns being used 2.5 million times a year in self defense against criminals, firearms are actually used more than 80 times more often to protect lives, rather than to take lives.

Source: Dave Gibson for The Examiner.

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On Monday night, two armed robbers burst into a Charlotte Pizza Hut, while workers…