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The use of drones is a hot topic in the U.S., and the topic may have gotten a little hotter thanks to a new law in North Dakota that allows law enforcement to add less-lethal weapons to drones.

According to the Ferenstein Wire:

The law’s author, North Dakota Representative Rick Becker, originally wanted to require police to secure a warrant for drone surveillance. But then local law enforcement managed to sneak in the right to equip drones with tasers or rubber bullets by amending the original prohibition against lethal and non-lethal force to just limiting lethal weapons.

… Becker says he “has no knowledge” that police are equipping drones with tasers to hunt down criminals, and he trusts that local law enforcement knew what it was doing when it amended the law. But he suspects it could be an issue in the near future.

“Clearly it was important to them to add that provision,” Becker told the Ferenstein Wire.

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