FAIRFAX, VA — The NRA’s Law Enforcement Division celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. To commemorate the occasion, special items will be issued and sold throughout the year, such as a badge, challenge coin and pin. New to this list is a unique Model 10 Smith & Wesson service revolver.

Although the NRA’s involvement with law enforcement dates back to the 1920’s, the division, as we know it today, was formed as a department in 1960 and has grown into its own division. Since 1960, the law enforcement division has trained well over 50,000 law enforcement instructors and has thousands of police competitors.


To commemorate the Law Enforcement Division’s 50 years of service to law enforcement and military officers of the country, the Model 10 Smith & Wesson service revolver was created, along with a matching commemorative badge, exclusively for Friends of NRA Events.

“The NRA’s Law Enforcement Division has been proudly serving the law enforcement officers of America for 50 years,” said Glen Hoyer, Director of the Law Enforcement Division. “The Smith & Wesson revolver was the choice of law enforcement officers in 1960, whether it was for self-defense or competition, and is still serving today. It was the obvious choice as a commemorative firearm to showcase NRA Law Enforcement Division birth in 1960 and our 50 years of service.”

Each Smith & Wesson Model 10 features the original design wood duty grips; blue carbon steel medium frame with a 4″ barrel with front/rear fixes sights. All are chambered in .38 SW Special +P caliber and have a 6 round capacity. Each is sequentially numbered on the frame in 24K Gold and includes the same matching number NRA Law Enforcement Commemorative badge.

The badge was made by Smith & Warren, a longtime provider of police badges, and includes the NRA Law Enforcement Division logo with the anniversary dates of 1960-2010. The badge includes an NRA display box. The cylinders on the Model 10 include the following text: Dedication; Compassion; Courage; Honor; Duty; Service in 24K gold plating. The hammer and trigger have been hand jeweled and the barrel includes etch and selective 24K Gold plating text: NRA Law Enforcement 1960 50th Anniversary – 2010.

This exclusive edition is limited to 50 units and can only be found at limited 2010 Friends of NRA events. For a listing of Friends of NRA events, visit

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